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Color My World

The Color My World Project (CMW) is a youth-run organization raising awareness of the importance of recycling, and does so in an innovative way: by engaging children and teenagers in a collaborative and community-based recycling project that also provides art supplies for young children. CMW recycles and repurposes crayons by collecting those that are discarded by national chain restaurants. Teenage members of the CMW team then donate those crayons to shelters, preschools and elementary schools.

By donating crayons, CMW is giving children additional artistic opportunities and reducing the burden on teachers while simultaneously eliminating thousands of pounds of landfill waste. In the process, CMW’s teenage volunteers teach young children about the importance of recycling and reducing waste. To expand their outreach, Color My World created a coloring book to provide kids with the opportunity to learn about recycling while having fun—and coloring outside the lines.


Please visit the Color My World website to learn more and help support this initiative by clicking the button below:

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