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Media & Arts for Peace

Media and Arts for Peace (MAP) is a global education initiative working with top artists and media professionals from challenging contexts and diaspora communities. MAP aims to inspire international organizations, governments, academic institutions, and civil society leaders to use creative approaches that drive positive, sustainable impact through individual growth and collective development. MAP cultivates consulting and learning opportunities on the strategic application of media and the arts through online and on-site courses and training workshops. 


In 2021, MAP was awarded a grant from the US Embassy in Tunisia to launch the Media and Arts for Peace Countering Dangerous Speech in Tunisia project in collaboration with Stone Soup Productions. The project was a 3-month development program centered on onboarding +12 Tunisian youth from community leaders, influencers, and media and art professionals. The aim of the program was to empower the participants to cultivate their expertise in galvanizing community engagement and raising public awareness to counter hate speech, disinformation, misinformation, and fake news in Tunisia.


The program delivered a 6-day workshop and supported the production of six creative projects. These projects were co-developed and published in collaboration with MAP’s local partner: AlQatiba. 


In September 2022, MAP was awarded a second grant to launch part two of the project with an extensive six-months program, including an on-site component. 


The project is co-led by Honey Al Sayed and Iyad Kallas.

Below is an example of the great work coming out of MAP's workshops, a short film called Les Artivistes.

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