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Stone Soup


At Stone Soup, we’re on a mission to spotlight worthy causes, sing about unsung heroes and heroines, champion human rights and women’s health, promote cultural diversity and celebrate the arts.  Our documentary films and impact programs strive to raise awareness and advocate for change not only by inspiring individuals and communities, but by empowering them to become involved and make a difference in our world.

Health, Creativity, Heroism, Humanity… Stone Soup has a lot cooking.

Our Services


Public Defender

What happens when one left-leaning public defender shelves her political alignment to represent right-wing January 6th rioters?

The People's Recorder

A new podcast series that connects audiences today with the 1930s-era tumult and life lessons that still illuminate today.

Media & Arts for Peace

A global education initiative working with top artists and media professionals from diaspora communities.

Last of the Lions

Collaboration with the iconic Clarence B. Jones to produce an audio book version of his acclaimed autobiography.

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Scattering CJ

Be inspired by a grieving mom's mission to prevent further suicides and change the conversation on mental health, in Scattering CJ.

Increase access to digital creation with

The Search for Harmony - The Arrival.png
SFH still.jpg
The Search for Harmony

Help Maestro find his friend, and learn about the multicultural influence on classical music.

El 48

A disruptive virtual reality experience.

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Partners of the Heart

A Black Man. A White Surgeon. A Blue Baby. A Miracle.

The Celebration of Excellence

Kindling the next generation’s love for science and medicine.

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First Lady of the Revolution

Take an historical ride through romance, revelation and reinvention with First Lady of the Revolution.

Klandestine Man

Discover an undercover hero who risked his life to expose stoolies, gooners, fonies, racehaters, pinkybaiters, deadbrainers and fraidycats in Klandestine Man.

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No Evidence of Disease

Six dedicated surgeons.  One amazing band.  The wall of silence around GYN cancer is about to be shattered by rock 'n' roll.

Camp Good Life

Kickstart a better future for

at-risk youth with Stone Soup partner Camp Good Life

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Soul of a People

Discovering America, Discovering Ourselves.

Sonata Mulattica

Recovering the story of classical music's forgotten Black virtuoso in Sonata Mulattica.

British Library - Black Europeans - Brid
Red Lines_still3.jpg
Red Lines

Trace the Syrian conflict to a Mideast meltdown in Red Lines.

The Comfort Zone

A place for good vibes and essential conversation.

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Global Leaders Assembly Foundation

The Global Leaders Assembly Foundation is reimagining leadership.

Color My World

Repurposing crayons. Giving kids an artistic voice.

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